• a cura di Isabella Barisi e Michela Mollia

ISBN: 978-88-8016-793-8


Edizione in inglese a cura di Isabella Barisi e Michela Mollia


Roses at Villa d'Este: in each season, people from all over the world visit Villa d'Este being enchanted by the spot's extraordinary beauty: The Palace and its marvelous frescoes, the Italian garden which surrounds it, and the fabulous fountains enriching the outdoor paths. The educated visitor will not also fail to notice an alternative tour which it is represented by its collection of roses, a tradition established here since the Villa was built in the middle of Sixteenth century. The outstanding garden has recently been acknowledged by UNESCO as "Parco più bello d'Italia" 2006. In this park grow 350 species of everyone's most beloved and popular flower of the world. Many of them are greatly displayed along the garden's main lanes while others need to searched on purpose in the hidden corners. It can be regarded as a sort of small museum of its own which it has to be known as well as any other artistic aspect of the monument. This book gives an historical and botanical reading of the subject but it is also a practical guide that can help visitors to fully discover Villa d'Este's garden.
formato 24 x 30, rilegato in tela con sovraccoperta, pp. 160, 100 col., 10 b/n
Edizione in inglese


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